How To Build A Simple Website To Grow Your Cleaning Company?

The commercial cleaning industry faces fierce competition. As a cleaning business owner, you need a way to make standout your business. Here a cleaning business website plays a crucial role.

Cleaners can elevate their credibility by having a simple website that creates brand awareness in the local market. A simple website can be the biggest marketing tool to generate leads and expand your cleaning business.

Let’s know how you can grow your business with affordable web design services!


Why Is It Important For A Cleaning Company To Have Its Own Website?


Cleaning websites create several competitive advantages and help you to outperform your competitors by:


Generating Leads From Local Market


A good cleaning website will attract targeted traffic and generate leads faster than your competitors. Let us explain it further! When your targeted customers will search for cleaning services on Google, your website will appear in search results. Hence, people will get to know your services when they need them most!


Showcasing Professionalism and Improving Credibility


A well-designed website conveys professionalism and credibility. People will trust your services only after being convinced by your professionalism. Your website can do this work for you. It will deliver critical information such as testimonials, service details, business hours, and more. Content on your website and images of your work will boost your brand’s credibility and deliver a trust signal.


Playing a Core Role In Brand Marketing


Your cleaning website can be a powerful marketing tool. In fact, it is the center of all cleaning business promotional techniques like cleaning SEO, cleaning PPC, or content marketing.

A unique website will differentiate your brand from customers and build brand identity and authority.


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Cleaning Services Features


What Are The Must-Have Features For a Simple Cleaning Business Website?


You must have a checklist while creating a design for your cleaning services website. The checklist should include the must-have features and functionalities you want in your cleaning website.

A good website design must be responsive to smartphones. Its content like blogs, copies, testimonials, and visuals should ensure the reliability of cleaning services.


Let’s know more about what you should put on your cleaning business website!


Showcase The List of Services on Your Homepage


When potential customers visit your website for cleaning business, do you what they will seek? At first, they will want to know about your services.

So, give a comprehensive list of services on your home page. It will give an overview of the services you provide and showcase your expertise.


Build Separate Service Pages


Build separate service pages for each location. On each service page give further details and provide package details. Explain which package is best and give standard services. Talk about more on the cost elements.


Explain Your Work Process


Give an overview of your cleaning work process. You can use visuals and diagrams to keep the process easy to consume for customers. Explain how your team works and mention the timeline of the standard cleaning process. Keep in mind what your target customer looking for and generally ask before hiring a local cleaning service.


Give The Link of Booking Details or Resolving Queries


Online booking has become the most convenient way to avail local services. So, if you want to get customers faster than your competitors, you must offer online booking facilities.


Include an online booking form on the home page of your affordable cleaning website. You can also integrate the appointment booking software into your cleaning business website.


Pro Tips


– Attach the price list in the lead form, to stay one step ahead of the competitors.

– Provide a direct contact form or inquiry for potential customers so they can ask questions directly.

– Give a separate email or phone number to receive queries directly from customers.


Build a Unique Design


Your website design should look unique. Take advantage of affordable web design services if you don’t want to make a high-end investment in website design. This service will bring a customer and professional website for your cleaning website at an affordable price.


Create An ‘About Us’ Page On Your Cleaning Business


Before hiring your professional cleaning team, customers will want to be assured about its background.  That is why, you need an ‘about us’ page on your cleaning website.

Talk about your cleaning services, and share your years of experience and professional excellence. Share what makes your services unique and how you meet the unique needs of your clients.


Your About Us page must focus on three approaches:


– Client centric approaches

– Brand ethics

– Local Expertise


contact form


Share Contact Information


Your cleaning website works as an information hub. This will make your cleaning services easily available to potential clients. You can create a separate ‘Contact Us’ page and give its link to the home page.

If you want to keep the cleaning business website template simple, then place the contact details in the footer section of the home page.


Pro Tips


– Share your email and phone number

– Provide live chat options

– Share the links to your company’s social media handles.



Build FAQ Section


Keep a separate section to include an FAQ on cleaning services. This will boost your website rank for cleaning related services and enhance website relevance on search engines.

If you run cleaning services in a single location, then build a separate page for FAQs. In case you have several location pages, include separate FAQ sections for each location/service pages.


These FAQs also improve the chances of your cleaning services on snippets and enhance the click-through rate of your cleaning website.


Incorporate Call To Action (CTAs)


Strategic CTAs engage customers and engage them in all stages of the sales funnel. Let’s take examples:

Awareness stage- ‘Explore Our Services and Discover The Best’

Interest stage- ‘Let’s discuss your cleaning needs’

Action Stage- ‘ Book Our Cleaning Services and Get Amazing Discounts’

Incorporate this kind of CTA throughout your website to convert leads into your loyal customers.

Contact For Cleaning Website Design

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