How to Optimize Your Images For WordPress?

WordPress websites sometimes run slowly; it happens due to many reasons. One such reason is unoptimized image files. It impacts website user experience, SEO, and hence online visibility. That is why, optimization of WordPress images  files is necessary.

In this blog post, we will cover some best WordPress image optimization tips. These will help WordPress users to solve some most common issues related to WordPress website image optimization.

All You Need To Know On Image Optimization For WordPress

What is Image Optimization In WordPress?

WordPress image optimization is a technical and strategic process to make WordPress images responsive to all devices. So, that a WordPress website can load faster and provide the best performance. It includes techniques like image resizing, image file compression, and image format optimization.  It makes the website run faster and increases the SEO score.

Why is Image Optimization  Important For A WordPress Website?

WordPress Image optimization is very much critical to improve web page load time. As it brings an overall responsive design to a WordPress Website. How? Get deeper insights here:

Best-Image-Size for-WordPress

•    Improve Page Load time and Website Speed

Unoptimized images make a web page loading time slower than usual time. It impacts user experience, search engine ranking and boosts the bounce rate.

That is why, users should take care of Image optimization during  WordPress website performance processes.

•    Elevate User Experience Of WordPress Website

Optimized images support the seamless user experience of the site and make things enjoyable for users. It encourages them to get more engaged with the site and leaves them satisfied.

•    Improve Performance on SERP With Enhanced SEO Rank

Website’s User experience and speed are the two most crucial ranking factors for Google’s algorithms. Optimized WordPress images improve both features of a WordPress website and improve the website’s rank on SERP.

•    Make the Website Use Optimize Storage

The best WordPress image optimizer makes image files compressed and optimized. These optimized images take less storage space on the server and efficiently use host resources. Hence, it reduces the hosting costs.

•    Enhance the Mobile Optimization Features

Optimized images are responsive across multiple devices. That means it makes web pages of a WordPress site load faster even on smaller screens like mobile, tablets, etc.

4 Most Useful Hacks on WordPress Image Optimization Methods

1.    Compress Image Files

Image file compression is a method to reduce image file size without hampering its quality. These images load faster on WordPress sites and improve web loading time.


Pro tips to compress images

  • Use WP Compress-a popular WordPress image compression plugin. It optimizes WordPress images and provides features like:
  • Lazy loading
  • Adaptive images
  • Retina device support
  • Next Gen WebP images

[ Source- WordPress]

  • You can use other best plugin for image optimization WordPress like Smush, Optimus, ShortPixel image optimizer etc.
  • Use Image optimizing or editing tools like Visme, Canva,Pickto chart,Pixlr,TinyPNG to edit file size before loading them on site.

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2.    Resizing the Image Files

Resizing images is another crucial way to Optimize image formats and size. The best part is WordPress’s inbuilt media library management makes this task easy and streamlined for users.

How to change images sizes with WordPress?

Go to WordPress dashboard > Settings > Media > Set Maximum width and height > save changes.

3.    Provide Images To Users Thorough CDN

Content Deliver Network work as a geographical server ( it cannot replace the main server) and distributes content to nearby users. It makes load content faster and makes webpage loading time optimized.

So, how does image CDN work? It distributes image and media content across all servers and speeds up the image-loading process. It makes images easily available to users across all edges of the server.

how does image CDN work

Who are the best WordPress CDN providers?

Cloudflare, Sucuri, KeyCDN, and are popular WordPress CDN providers.

4.    Clear Media Library Cache in WordPress

Over time your WordPress media library accumulates many images and unused media files. These files can take up unnecessary space on the WordPress hosting server. Make sure to back up all files before starting the cleaning process.

Here are two ways to clean up the Media library:

How To do it Manually?

Go to WordPress admin dashboard> Library > select > Delete.

How to do it using media cleaner Plugins?

Go to WordPress admin dashboard> Install WordPress media cleaner plugins > Active the plugins > Media > Cleaner> Scan to identify the unused files> Select images > Delete.


What Are Some Best WordPress Image Optimization Plugins?


There are many image optimization plugins available in WordPress. Some of them are free and some are available for premium users. Some most common types of WordPress Image optimizers are:

  • Smush
  • EWWW image optimizer
  • Imagify
  • WP Compress
  • Optimole


Can A WordPress Development Company Help You?


Yes, a team of WordPress developers help you to get a customized WordPress website. This bespoke site provides the best website performance with a top-notch user experience. Hence, it creates lower distraction for users. That’s how, it earns greater visibility and a high conversion rate.

Want to book a free consultation session with one of the best WordPress companies? Call us or hit us mail here!

Summary: How To Optimize Images On WordPress Website?

You can optimize WordPress images manually. However, optimizing images using the WordPress image optimization plugin is also not a bad idea. All you need to learn first is to identify your needs- that’s all!


Stay Ahead of the Competition with Tailor-Made WordPress Solutions

WordPress is one of the leading website-building platforms and a popular CMS option. Study revealed ‘38,539,556 live websites are now using WordPress’ BuiltWith]. Its simplicity, flexibility, ease of use, easy theme setting, and users’ freedom make WordPress this much popular. It has become a handy tool for setting up a successful online presence for brands.

However, the free themes and features of the free version sometimes work as a barrier for brands to create a branded website to stand out in the crowd. On the other hand, showcasing differentiation in this competitive business world is critical for brands.

Custom WordPress development services play a vital role by helping brands to create a tailor-made WordPress website that truly belongs to those brands. These custom websites create a brand experience for target users. It helps a brand to make an impression of a unique brand image.


What is Custom WordPress Website?

Custom WordPress website refers to a WordPress website tailored to a customer’s needs and business requirements. These custom-built websites are made while keeping focus on achieving a specific goal or attention from target audiences. A bespoke WordPress website showcases a brand truly in the virtual realm.

Advantages of Custom WordPress Website development

What are Custom WordPress Development Services?

A WordPress development agency builds custom WordPress websites for brands as per their personalized choices and needs. They design and develop a website with custom-built WordPress templates that fit a specific need of a brand.

Starting from theme development, custom design, and plug-in development to API integration, custom WordPress designers offer everything.


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How Do Tailor-made Word Press Solutions Help You to Grow Your Business?

Here are some core benefits of using a bespoke  WordPress website that gives value to your brand’s online presence and helps you to earn social proof of a promise of delivering quality.

  • Customizing your WordPress website

Custom WordPress development services will able you to own complete control over the design and functionality of your WordPress websites. You can bring customized effects on the overall design while keeping them aligned with your business goal and website’s branding requirement. These features you can’t get in a prebuilt template.

What will you get?

  • A cost-effective branded website

How to Develop a Custom WordPress Website


  • Optimizing your WordPress site for search engines

You have already chosen WordPress for its SEO-friendly structure, which we know. Let us share some more amazing news that you can optimize the overall SEO structure further with an SEO-friendly custom design.

Professional WordPress development companies use the best SEO practices. These include using clean codes, advanced site structure, the responsiveness on multiple devices, restricting URLs, Meta tags, optimizing loading, and AI integration.

What will you gain?

  •     Increased website visibility with an improved SEO score


  • Enhancing user experience with plugins and themes

Professional custom WordPress development services will offer streamlined integration of third-party web applications, plugins, CRM, and data analytical tools. It will make your website scalable to changes with the requirement of your growing business. It will prevent growth stagnation caused form scarce resources and limitations of technological uplift.

Tailor-made websites also save you the cost of purchasing expensive plugins and frequent up gradation of the existing system.

What will you get?

  • An advanced website with inbuilt scalable features
  • Scope of innovation with Insightful customer data


  • Implementing security measures in your WordPress site

Security features are one of the critical elements of the online business. It showcases a brand’s quality in user experience and brand experience. The developers of custom WordPress development services carry out frequent updates and patches and integrate security plugins. It will keep your website or online store form malware, cyber threat, and any kind of vulnerabilities.

What will you get?

  • A highly secured website
  • Trust and credibility of users


  • Utilizing analytics and tracking tools for better insights

Professional WordPress development solution helps you to leverage the power of the analytical and tracking tool. It will help you to track customer behavior, conversion rates, KPIs, and website traffic and make a data-driven decision that aligns with your goal.

What will you gain?

  • Innovative ideas and insights to make good decisions


  • Leveraging social media integration for increased reach

A Custom WordPress development agency will help you to leverage social media integration to increase reach. It will integrate leading social media platforms into your WordPress website. This will enhance your website’s reach and let you market your website in front of target customers across the globe.


What will you gain?

  • Increased online presence
  • Enhanced brand reach and engagement
  • A WordPress website with high ROI


How to Secure Your WordPress Website

Are You Ready To Hire A WordPress Website Development Company?

Switching to better B2B services is the way to exceed your client’s expectations. The journey of overall betterment of your brand starts with an investment in a customized website. It lets you offer the best tailor-made experience to your customers.

Custom WordPress development services boost the efficiency of the functionality of a WordPress website and leverage the full potentiality of its CMS. To know the shape or reshape of your WordPress website, contact us today to book a free consultation!