Significance of a Landing Page in Driving App Success: 5 Key Insights

Getting leads but stagnating sales numbers has become a crucial problem for most small brands. Do you know why? SME brands do not invest in the right mobile app landing page design; whereas, the effectiveness of landing pages really matters for conversions.

Let’s know more about this and unveil the importance of a landing to gain app success.

Landing Page is Essential for the Success of Your App: Brief Understanding

Benefits of an Effective Mobile App Landing Page Design

What is a Landing Page For Apps?


The landing page refers to a web page where leads arrive right after clicking on the call to action from any external links. So, customers from various marketing channels land first on landing pages. The landing page can be of anything- starting from products, services, brands, promotional or marketing campaigns, new launch or anything.

There are a thousand types of landing pages available.  Here, we will talk about marketing landing pages that also come in an extensive range. App landing pages are one of them.

App landing page is a type of marketing landing page to push leads and app downloading decisions. It is not a home page, it is more like a dedicated web page to boost app downloads for a particular mobile app. These pages contain important information focused on that particular app only to influence buyers’ downloading decisions.

4 Core Benefits of an Effective Mobile App Landing Page Design


How effective are landing pages? Let’s check this out from the below-mentioned points.

  • Highly Focused To Target Customers


You can deliver highly target-focused brand messages with web page content. You will be able to boost the conversion rate of your custom mobile app this way and convince more customers to download it.

Bolster Conversions With app development services

  • Compelling Headlines and User Focused Highlights


Good and engaging headlines on landing pages build first impressions and push your leads toward conversions without any distractions. Not only headlines, but the highlights on the landing page keep leads are also kept customers connected with your core landing page goal.


  • User Focused Text and Design


Do you know –‘Content combined with pictures has an 80% greater chance of being read’ [Growth marketing pro]

That means you can deliver your mobile marketing campaign’s core message faster among users. It also helps you to provide the most important information that customers seek using compelling text and design.

•    Visuals and video


‘Conversions increase by 86% when a video is present on landing pages’ [Growth marketing pro]. Users can get a sense of how the real product will look and feel by watching videos on landing pages. It will also help you engage your users and eliminate bounce rates.

•    Customized CTAs


‘CTAs that are personalized convert up to 202% better’ [Growth marketing pro] Compelling CTAs on mobile app landing page design boost conversion and give clear ideas to users on the best possible action they can take next.

Landing page call to action examples

  1. Download now
  2. Try It Free
  3. Tap Into innovation
  4. Tap To get the app
  5. Get our app now
  6. Install our app now.


 4 Ways Landing Pages Can Elevate Your App Promotion Game

Landing pages can speed up the app downloading process and also streamline the whole process. How? Let’s know the further details here!


  • Let Target Customers Know Everything about Your App

You can build the first impression on your target with a landing page of the app. Its appealing graphics, user-focused design, and an attractive copy will help you let your customer know your app’s story.

You can share your branded app’s motion statement, objective and user guide, and benefits briefly here. You can also demonstrate your app’s USP by sharing videos, screenshots, reviews, testimonials, and other details on app download landing pages.

Pro tips For successful app storytelling

  • Provide storytelling or infographics that can easily introduce your apps to target users easily.
  • Mention its key features, how it can add value to customers, and functionality with honesty.
  • In order to gain the trust of users, share screenshots and videos, as well as the pros and cons of the current version.
  •  Share customers’ reviews and address the problem they face while using the app.


  • Attract and Notify Potential Audiences with Pre Launch Campaign

Have you ever heard about the prelaunch landing page? This marketing-focused landing page can generate buzz even before your app launches. These pages can contain coming soon banners or any anticipation fuelling copies along with CTAs.

You can invite sign-ups and get access to a database before launching your app in the market. You can connect and build bonds with the potential audience and keep them engaged before the post-launch mobile app promotion.

Pro tips To build Pre-launch landing page

  • Build interest and keep the interest alive in your target audience
  • Use CTAs that provokes actions, and urgency and encourage sign-ups.
  • Keep the prelaunch marketing landing page engaged by sharing videos, teasers
  • Post engaging web content focused on customer pain points
  • Share key highlights of the upcoming apps on your landing page


  • Boost Your Mobile App Promotion Online visibility

Digital promotion‘s success relies on its visibility and relevance- that you know. So, how can you boost your app promotion visibility? Of course through SEO right?

Prelaunch and post-launch campaign landing pages can make the process streamlined. All you can do is just take the initiative by SEO optimizing mobile app landing page design and promoting this landing page link across various marketing channels.

Pro tips To SEO optimize landing pages

  • Place your main and secondary keywords on Meta details, URLs, heading, anchor texts, and web copies.
  • Include target user-friendly content optimized with target phrases.
  • Make sure the landing page looks user-friendly, humanized, and value-adding to the potential users of your apps.
  • Keep the content and features of the landing page updated with changing SEO goals to drive organic traffic growth.
  • Know Your User Behaviour Through A/B Testing

Landing pages help in mobile marketing A/B testing. Do know what is A/B testing? It is an experimental test to gain insights into your users’ behaviour to decide which plan works better between plans A and B.

Promote Mobile App

How To do A/B testing with a mobile App Landing page?

Showcase half of your landing page visitors the original landing page and the other half the modified version. Now keep track of how they react and how do core KPIs performing. Once you have got a complete report implement changes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A compelling heading, concise and effective copy, clear call to Action (CTA), engaging visual elements, and trust signal or social proof are 5 crucial elements of an effective landing page.

iOS vs Android App: Which is Better?

Do you want to develop a mobile app to expand your business? Not sure which platform is best for your mobile app development? It is a crucial decision indeed.  iOS or Android, which one to choose to improve the efficiency of your services? What are the differences between Android and iOS? Let’s know more to take the best decision.

iOS vs Android app: OS Market Share

Before you invest in any wrong platform let’s take more insight into iOS vs Android apps in aspect of the OS market share. What the statistics of 2023 Q1 are saying? Get a look here.

•    China:  iOS  20% /Android 78%

•    India :   iOS 6% /Android 90%

•    America : iOS   52% /Android 48%

Source: [Counterpoint]

What is iOS Mobile Platform?


iOS or iPhone operating System is a mobile operating system from Apple Inc. Several Apple products run on this operating system, including iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs, and iPod touch. The iOS system was derived primarily from Mac OS X and Unix-like systems.


What is an Android app?


Android is a mobile operating system from Google. In the beginning, it was developed by Google, but later legacy has passed on to the Open Handset Alliance (OHA). It’s a basically Linux-based software package. The Android code is written Java language. The reason behind this popularity is its consistent commitment to delivering the best mobile experience to its users.

ios or android app development

iOS vs Android App: What Are The Differences?


iOS vs Android App Target customers


While deciding between iOS and Android, you have to consider your target audience. Hence, knowing your customers’ behaviour patterns is the key to mobile app development success. So, research to get insights on your customer’s preferred app store and apps. It will also help you implement customization to your brand’s mobile applications.

The target audience of both platforms differs based on demography, income, and lifestyle. So what are the core behavioural factors to consider deciding between iOS app development and Android? Check the below factors:

  • Users’ Personality
  • Approach to Technology
  • Users’ acceptance of push notifications
  • Users’ engagement
  • In-app retention
  • Spending behaviour on mobile commerce
  • Degree of locality
  • User adoption


iOS Development vs Android Development


Before you start the development process, setting a project timeline is a crucial step to lead the project in the right direction. So, concerning the timeline, Android or iOS which one keeps you ahead?   As Android development process is at least 30 % longer than the iOS development process due to its complex coding. On the other hand, the application review and acceptance process on the App store demands more time than Google Play.

Development Budget

iOS & Anroid mobile app development, what fits your budget? Which one is cost-effective and returns a higher ROI? Well, it depends on many factors.

Android development is a complex process that demands resources and a longer timeline. The more time it takes, costs increase.  On the contrary, developing an iOS app is simple, and it demands less development time. Hence, developing an iOS is more budget-friendly than Androids.

App monetization strategy and Return On Investment

App revenue models or app monetization models play a critical role in differential iOS and Android apps. These different types of app monetization models are available. However, in-app purchases, Ad based models, and paid applications are the most relevant ones for mobile applications.

Android apps earn revenue on the in-app ads revenue model while iOS apps earn revenue on the app purchases model. That’s why, android based mobile applications earn maximum revenue on in-app ads. These make a big difference in global consumer spending on mobile applications. Let’s check it from the survey reports.

First half (H1) 2023 worldwide app consumer spend

   Android: $ 43.5B(+4%}

•    iOS: $ 24B [+ 6%}

[Source: data ai]


App Development Process


Programming Language


Developers of Android apps use primarily Java, Kotlin programming languages. Developers build the Xcode of iOS apps mostly using Swift and Objective-C. However, Swift is now getting more attention from Apple’s IDE.

Also Read: How Custom Mobile App Helps Business Growth?

Development Environment


The Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Android is Android Studio. Hence, the developers can access an extensive set of features and tools from Android Studio. While for Apple, things are a little different, the IDE for Apple is Xcode. Starting from source editor to Asset catalog, vision editor to complete documentation, and simulator to XCTest API-nit offers a range of resources and tools.


Device Fragmentation


Android app development is more complex than iOS app development when it comes to devoicing fragmentation. It is compatible with numerous devices. That means app optimization for several screens and app testing demands a longer time. While, for iOS, things are simple and streamlined as Apple does not manufacture an extensive range of devices.


Differences in Design and UX


User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are two core points of difference between iOS Development vs Android Development. That’s why the design guidelines and app engagement in both apps offer distinguished experiences to users. In which points the design strategy differ, let’s see:


  • Screen navigation ( primary, secondary and back)
  • Icon sizes
  • Call to action buttons
  • App icons and screen resolution
  • Search functionality
  • Selection control
  • Typography
  • Tabs
  • Alerts
  • Action menu


App Distribution


Android apps are available on the Google play store as well as on third party app stores. On the other hand, Apple has strict control over its distribution. As we told before the the review process here is extensive and manual.

build mobile app development

Key takeaways: iOS or Android Developer Which is Best?


Deciding on Android vs iOS does not include a single thing. There are several factors to consider, including budget, timeline, app distribution, complexity of development, and return on investment.

In short, choose between Android and iOS based on your business model, target customers’ demography, and goal. Choose Android when you want flexible and greater reach. Otherwise, if earning t revenue is only your goal, then choose iOS.


Develop Mobile Apps With The TechClouds


Are you still in doubt about choosing the best app development platform for your business? Feel free to connect with our custom app developers to leverage the growth potential power of mobile applications with our expert mobile app developers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

iOS apps are primarily developed based on Apple's native language, Swift, while Android apps are usually based on Java or Kotlin.

How Custom Mobile App Development Services Can Transform Your Business?

Custom mobile Apps have brought a revolutionary effect on user experience and driven utility in all business sectors. It takes users through a streamlined experience to its goal and keeps things simple and in control. The study revealed the revenue from mobile apps would generate over $935 billion.

This blog is for you, in case you are still thinking about whether to take custom mobile app development services. Here we will get you covered all, form the mobile app’s benefits to the future of the custom app development.

What is Custom Mobile App Development?

Custom mobile app development process refers to a method that includes step by step stages to build and launch a bespoke application to meet specific goal and requirement. The design, planning, development of custom mobile apps are created while keeping focus on target users’ expectation and a custom objects.

Advantages of Custom Mobile App Development Company

Why do Brands Invest in Custom Mobile Applications?

Almost 49 % of people check mobile apps on their phones 11+ times daily, and smart phone users access an average of 10 apps per day. Hence, it self-explanatory that mobile apps create a wide path of opportunity to boost brand reach to the target users.

Hence, Business owners are now making prudent decisions to invest in custom mobile application development. It saves overall cost by reducing expenses on irrelevant addons or integration.

What are The Benefits of Custom Mobile App Development?

•    Tailored to Solve Specific Business Problems

Brands build bespoke mobile apps to get relief from some specific pain or to meet certain expectations. Hence its tailor-made features do not wait to solve a problem; it make this happen instantly.

•    Advanced Efficiency and Productivity

Personalized mobile app development creates the best user-focused mobile apps that speed up manual tasks, elevate overall productivity, and advance the existing system. It also saves the business operation cost.

•    Improved User Experience

These custom mobile apps come with branded features, intuitive designs, and engaging and user-friendly interfaces that improve the overall experience of users.

•    Improved Security Features

Tailor-made mobile applications offer elevated security features with end-to-end data encryption and authentication. It gives freedom to users to take charge of their data confidentiality.

•    Elevated Flexibility, Credibility, and Scalability

The unmatched flexibility and in-built capacity to adapt to the changes of growing businesses make custom mobile applications’ features stand out. These apps can be updated quickly as per the need.

•    High-level Integration

This custom mobile app can fit any existing business system and software and enables the system to make automotive internal changes. It improves the efficacy of the existing system with seamless data exchange.

•    Cost-effective Option with High ROI

The upfront cost of custom mobile app development services can be a little hyped, but in the long run, it returns high ROI by creating a unique competitive advantage for the brand.

•    Advanced Customer Engagement

The personalized mobile application bridges the gap between the customer and the brand. Hence, the brand can offer attractive discounts, give away, push notifications, customized plans, and many more things directly to the target users.

These practices boost customer engagement, develop a personal bond with customers and positively impact sales.

•    Streamlined Data Collection and Analysis

Customized apps create customer data from users’ behaviour, shopping pattern, and preference. It helps brands to make data-backed managerial decisions and take more innovative approaches to develop business.

Reasons to Develop Custom Mobile Apps For Your Business

How Does Custom Mobile app Marketing and Promotion Strategies Help Business to Grow?

“ The global mobile marketing market was worth US$ 17.6 billion and is expected to grow to US$ 91 billion by 2032, with a CAGR of 17.8% between 2022 and 2032” [ Persistence Market Research]

The thriving market of mobile app implementation plans is rapidly growing, and it’s not surprising that it will become one of the reliable sources of brand communication.

Mobile app marketing is critical as it plays a vital role in boosting the market penetration rate for the brand. It allows brands to boost brand visibility and explore new opportunities by attaining growth.

Here are some ways in which mobile marketing help business reach the target height!

•    Elevate Brand Visibility

Mobile app promoting technique improves the online visibility of brands and makes them findable by a wide range of audiences. Plus, brands can boost the reach of target leads by promoting those apps on social media platforms.

•    Boost Sales and Revenue

Mobile apps boost the overall sales for brands and make a positive impact on their revenue. Its convenient and personalized features like easy checkout, custom payment modes, and features improve overall buying decisions. It helps a brand to generate revenue with upselling and cross-selling techniques.

•    Help in New Customer Acquisition

Custom mobile apps help businesses to attract new leads by conducting referral programs, listing app stores, and bringing out the most out of the reach of app review platforms. These mobile app marketing efforts create interest among users and stimulate their decision to become loyal customers.

•    Engage Existing Customers

With push notifications, personalized recommendations, and retargeting ads, these bespoke apps engage existing customers and improve the customer retention rate.

•    Aid in Business Development

Custom mobile app development services make custom apps that collect data from customers’ behaviour patterns. It helps brands to innovate new ideas to develop the business in the right direction.


The Future of Custom Mobile App Development: How the Next-Gen Mobile App Will Support The Business Growth in the Future?

As we know, AI is already taking place in the market and speeding up the operation of the business with automotive processes. Hence we can expect more advanced integrated features, intuitive design, and increased automation from the custom design. These features will help brands to attract and stratify more customers with tailor-made approaches.

Expected features of the new gen custom apps

  •  Integration of augmented reality, virtual reality, and virtual assistants
  • The seamless process with more personalized UX design
  • Improved customer experience for the target demography with the support of regional  language and culture
  • More proactive actions based on feedback and continuous improvement.
  • We have a tailor-made customer support system.

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