Comprehensive Handbook For A Kickass Website Design!

Designing a good website can be challenging and difficult. Even though there may be just a few thousand mainly good websites among the billions of websites in existence.


People frequently use the internet to shop, order takeout, browse the websites of their universities, read articles from various websites, and perform a variety of other tasks. A user’s day can be ruined by a poorly designed website.


Change must occur now. This article is perfect for you if you are planning to create a website or if you currently have one but want to update it or if you’re looking for a website design & development company to help you.

website design importance

Simple Navigation

This is one of the most crucial elements or principles that you need to remember and apply when creating a website.


  • The navigation bar should have the fewest possible options.
  • Reduce the number of drop-down menu choices
  • Use the user’s dialect or real-world conventions to name the options. Avoid using jargon.
  • Avoid making too many website clicks.


Responsive Design

Let’s start with the fundamentals. The term “responsive design” refers to the process of creating a website or web page that works well on all mobile devices, desktop computers, laptops, and other displays, regardless of their aspect ratios.


The height and width of a display device are its shape factor. Presently, every user desires a mobile-friendly website. The website must be designed for smaller screens in addition to larger ones, which is the designer’s responsibility.


•    Improve the pictures

•    Make sure buttons are simple to press on smaller screens.

•    Make a number of prototypes

•    Take a look at a mobile-first design strategy.

Website Purpose-Website design company

User-friendly UI

The user’s interaction with the system using a user interface. It acts as a conduit between both the user and the system. The user will want to devote more time using it if the UI/UX (User Interface) is decent.


The task of the designer is to consider making the UI appear modern and concise. Here are some pointers for creating a good user interface that most winning website design and development company suggest are:


•    Maintain a simple user interface

•    Put the page layout to good use.

•    Standardized fonts and color

•    Subtract unrelated information

•    Avert endless information scrolling


Performance To Show Something

The website should perform as smoothly as butter, not slowly as a sloth (that’s a bad example). If a website’s performance is just too slow, it will have a negative effect on the website’s business.


Additionally, users may stop visiting the website. Be wise in your decisions. Pick one of the many website testing tools available and check the performance of your website.


Instead of upgrading your website without first determining the source of the issue, take this first step. Try one of those tools; they identify the issue and reveal which page, section, or other component is performing slowly. the solution to that particular issue.


Later on, things might make more sense. Below are some suggestions from best web design service experts for improving your site performance:


●    Compress your files

●    Optimize your images

●    Avoid using many images: use text instead

●    Reduce HTTP requests


Identical color scheme (Consistency)

Color is essential in establishing knowledge hierarchy through websites. Users need to be able to quickly search pages and discern their contents. One of the most difficult tasks on the planet is maintaining consistency in the color scheme.

color psycology in web design

Occasionally, the color we prefer may not be the same color that others prefer. Colors frequently have to be traded off. Make sure other people like the color you choose.


Maintaining consistency is essential in this situation because different colors might work well with different texts and others might not.


Start a survey, test it, and keep going until you get positive user feedback. Additionally, your website’s color scheme needs to be constant.


•    Among the advice are:

•    Avoid using extremely dark or bright colors on your website.

•    Where appropriate, italicize the crucial details.

•    Use the proper color combination, please.

•    As few colors as possible should be used.


Information on progress

Feedback is a comment made regarding a task, procedure, or event following completion or during the completion stage. Understand what is happening on the website or system in this case.


Take the scenario where you are utilizing a website to conduct some online transactions and you are at a juncture where you are unaware of what is happening in the system.


Unexpectedly, a message stating that the transaction failed appears. You are uninformed at this point.


It might have been preferable if the website had given the proper feedback regarding the total transaction failure or the error that led to it, such as problems with your internet connection, a bank account’s funds limit, or even a minor technical fault.


In fact, the very first usefulness thought experiment of user-interface design, critique about advancement, is a crucial element of design.


Attempt to reduce 404 or 500 errors.

If you’ve already started designing a website or are about to start, try to finish it by adding all the pages, characteristics, and capabilities.

404 page - website design company India

Websites shouldn’t have broken links and images, unfinished capabilities, and other issues. There shouldn’t be any 404 or 500 errors on the website, in particular. If any links are accidentally broken, try to create a good 404 error page.


Even though they see a 404 error page, a user should still be happy because this situation is unique. Clearly, you don’t need to fret about it when your website seems to be almost perfect.


Wrapping Up!

The eight rules or  guidelines for effective website design are listed above. These guidelines are what top website design and development companies follow and these are sure shot going to make life simple for you to create functional and user-friendly websites.


Without these foundational elements, creating an effective and user-friendly website would undoubtedly be challenging.


Just bear in mind that in the real world, a website with user – friendly interfaces and user-friendliness will always accomplish.



Looking for a comprehensive handbook that will help you with the foundations of great website design? Well, everything is mentioned here. Continue reading to learn more!


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