How Can You Create Product Bundles in ERPNext?

ERPnext is open-source ERP software from Frappe. Most small and mid-sized companies use this software to automate their business operations. It comes with different modules that streamline the workflow of various departments. It streamlines the cross-selling and upselling processes.

So, if you are finding tactics to cross-sell your product with ERPNext then this article is for you.

How can you create product bundles in ERPNext? You can easily create product bundles in ERPnext from its ‘Product Bundle’ section. All you have to do is, go to home> Selling>Items> pricing and then select product bundle.

Let’s learn more about ERPNext’s product bundling techniques!

Create Product Bundles In ERPNext

What are Product Bundles in ERPNext?

A product bundle is a master process to bundle some relevant products as a single unit of product. For example, let’s assume you sell cable and internet services. In this case, you can offer product bundles that include cable connection, Wi-Fi broadband, etc.

That means you can initiate cross-selling to your customers with product bundle features of ERPNext.

ERP Product Bundle

How Do You Create a Product Bundle in ERPNext?

To create a product bundle in ERPNext, you will need a step-by-step guide as follows:

Prerequisites to Create Product Bundles in ERPNext

  • Prepare the List of Items

First, create a list of items groups and items for your products or services. All you have to do just follow the below steps:

Go to home> Stock> Items and Pricing> Items

Now, you are all set to proceed to the next step.

  • Know the Basics Of Product Bundling Principal

Every product bundle must have two types of products; they are parent items and child items.

How to Select Parent Items?

Parent items are non-stock items as they do not exist in the physical world. That is why, it needs no stock maintenance requirement. However, you can maintain the stock of this virtual product by packaging Bill of Material (BOM) in Stock entry transactions.

How To Select Child Items?

Child items are stackable items as they exist in the real world. Actually, you can ship child items only. So, list down all your products including the main product under child items.

  • Create Product bundles One By One

To create product bundles In ERPNext, now open the product bundle list tab and click new> click and create Parent item by unmarking ‘maintain stock’> Enter a price > enter a crisp description> enter products and qualities of item > Save.

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Create Product bundle For Processing Sales Order

Select child items in the packing list while creating sales invoices or delivery notes. Showcase the parent items under the main item list. Hence, the stock record of child items will decrease once you deliver the sold product. Hence, it will reflect automatically in the packing list table under the warehouse list.

Manage Offers and Schemes using Product Bundles

You can offer special deals to customers using product bundles. For example, let’s assume you offer a get-one deal. To create this offer using a product bundle all you have to do is:

Create non-stock items with parent items. Now enter the offers in its descriptions and select the quantity of shippable items in the package. Hence, two qualities will decrease for the sale of each unit of bundle product.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To create item groups in ERPnext, go to home then click select ‘stock’ and then ‘Items and Pricing’ and then go to ‘Item group’ and now click on ‘new’ and create item group. Here, you can add child items under group nodes.

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