Why Does a Custom Shopify Theme Drive More Sell ?

Whether you are kick-starting your ecommerce journey or revamping your current store, the custom-built Shopify theme will remain important. A personalized Shopify store uplifts the user journey with seamless and intuitive features. As a result, it boosts web traffic, conversion, and customer retention rates.


In this blog, we will explore what makes a brand stand out with customized Shopify website design services. Here, you will also find the answer to how it captivates users and significantly boosts sales.


Set Up a Custom Shopify Theme to Attract More Customer


Build Custom Shopify Theme to Drive Web Traffic and Boost Sale


What is a Custom Shopify Theme?


Shopify theme is the design that users see on store front of your online store. It includes layout, colour scheme, typography, font, content, by default features, pages, and the look of the overall structure.


You may want to stay one step ahead of your close competitors and drive attention among the crowd. Here, the custom Shopify comes in. It offers a uniquely designed and personalized storefront that meets brand-specific needs and looks professional.


In other words, it uses customized codes, integrations, and content to build the front end of the Shopify website. Sometimes the UX of tailor made websites of Shopify go beyond the conventional.


What Are The Reasons to Set Up a Custom Shopify Theme?


Establish a Distinctive Brand Identity that Sets You Apart from Competitors


Your brand is not the only one that builds stores on Shopify. Data shows, that around 4724756 live websites around the globe are using Shopify. So, your brand may suffer from an identity crisis if you use a prebuilt Shopify theme.


Building a customized shop with Shopify website design services can save you in this. It will reinforce your brand identity and make a memorable online presence.



Create a Seamless User Journey By Enhancing User Experience


Research found, 88% of customers decline to return to a site after a bad UX. That means the UX of your ecommerce plays a crucial role in conversion and customer retention.


With custom built Shopify store, you will get


  • Intuitive navigation
  • Faster loading time
  • User-friendly interface
  • Seamless journey from browsing to checkout
  • End-to-end data encryption
  • Access to highly secured gateways and value-adding integration


All these features elevate the overall User journey, improve UX in a Shopify store, and elevate overall sales for your brand.


Custom Shopify Themes are Fully Optimized and Mobile Responsive


The ultimate goal of creating an ecommerce store is to attract more customers, increase sales, and earn profit. The bespoke feature-packed online Shopify stores align with this goal.


The marketing and conversion boosting in a custom build Shopify are


  • Advanced SEO features
  • High-quality integration of marketing and analytical tools
  • Specialized product page with highly engaging product descriptions
  • Customized visuals including images and videos
  • Custom Cart layout and seamless checkout process
  • Customized social media buttons and sharing options


Better SEO, More Conversion,Strategic Integration


You Will Get Tailored Functionality


A bespoke Shopify website design service lets you tailor the functionalities of your store precisely to your business requirements. Whether it’s the customer review, additional details for products, or social media integration, the customization options are limitless.


Custom Shopify Offers Scalability for Growth


A custom Shopify theme is not just an investment for today, it’s a foundation for today. It seamlessly accommodates an increased product line, traffic with the expansion of your business operation.


Bespoke Shopify Store Offers Brand Consistency


Off-the-shelf Shopify themes sometimes fall short of giving the core essence of your brand. On the other hand, the bespoke theme of Shopify makes things streamlined. It lets you control every aspect of the design process of your Shopify website.


How Customized Shopify Increases Sales?


Customized Shopify increases sales and generates revenues because,


Better SEO

Customized ecommerce stores offer better SEO and perform better in the search engine. Hence it drives traffic and sales.

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More Conversion

The customized shop comes with the most relevant marketing and conversion features that convert website viewers to customers.


Strategic Integration

Using Shopify, you can create a custom store with only the most relevant marketing and analytical capabilities. They streamline ecommerce marketing and provide the most relevant matrices that enable brands to make intelligent decisions.

Craft a Shopify theme from scratch with Experts

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, irrespective of company size or requirement, custom Shopify themes are always the best choice for everyone.

It depends entirely on how you handle the process and technicalities. If you are not confident enough, you can seek expert help anytime!