Top Features Your E-commerce Website Can’t Do Without In 2024

According to statistics, there are over 24 million ecommerce sites in the world, and the number keeps increasing day after day.


With so many competitors in the market, it is highly probable that businesses will strive for strategies to distinguish themselves in the industry.


To assist you, we have created a comprehensive list of must-have characteristics that you should get from a custom ecommerce solutions company for your online store for 2024 and even beyond.


The list has been carefully crafted by top e-commerce solution providers to assist you in making better decisions all through ecommerce development.


You can select the most attractive properties for online shoppers and anticipate your business to grow. It will also assist you in keeping customers and instill customer loyalty. So, let us get started.


Choosing the best functionalities for your ecommerce website



You might dismiss this point as “duh!” We’re all aware that we need to start making the websites more user-friendly.”


However, we all know that it is simpler said than done. When it comes to client satisfaction, most businesses believe that providing more will make customers feel happy.


But, this is not the case; adding features to your ecommerce websites without planning can complicate matters.


To conquer your customers’ hearts, you must believe like them, understand them exactly, and understand what they anticipate from your website and business.


This will help you make a more informed choice when it comes to deciding what characteristics you desire, what characteristics should be prevalent on the website, and how to improve your customer experience.


As per the custom e-commerce solution providers some great ways to achieve this are:


  • Sorting your products correctly
  • Continuing to keep the checkout process as simple as possible
  • A powerful filter feature that helps to narrow it down customer searches.
  • The search bar’s autofill choice
  • Payments are processed more quickly using previously saved payment options.
  • Navigation is simple and fluid, and there’s more.
  • Adding items to the list of wants
  • Enabling product assortment notifications and much more.


Websites that are mobile-friendly

More than half of all online shoppers use their mobile phones to browse online stores. If your website is not mobile-friendly, it can harm your brand presence and result in the loss of clients.


The text, pictures, video files, as well as other aspects on a responsive website are realigned for a better internet experience on gadgets with widely different screens.


Your websites should react innately to different devices as well as provide your clients with an unprecedented customer experience.


With a user – friendly website, you can boost mobile device sales by 74%. Walmart and other retailers have even reported a 98% increase in sales via mobile devices thanks to mobile-friendly websites.

ecommerce image advantages

Photos and Videos in High Resolution

The majority of people overlook the website’s content quality. If you would like people to come to your ecommerce site and order your products, you need to render them with all of the data, such as high-quality videos and images.


Not only has tech advanced rapidly over the years, but also your customer. They really aren’t going to look for a crappy picture, a buffering youtube clip, and a handful of product bullet points. They require accurate data on the item in which they are looking to invest.



User-generated content

Reviews and ratings on shopping sites can help immensely.  According to one research, 95% of shoppers read product reviews before purchasing any items, and 57% of customers will only purchase a product if it was rated 4 stars or higher.

benefits of user generated content

One of the arguments advanced by businesses is that negative customer reviews can lead to a loss of sales.


They couldn’t have been more wrong. Most consumers regard a product with only positive feedback and praise as fake. As previously stated, we are dealing with smart customers who are well conscious of marketing practices.


Allow people to leave feedback, whether positive or negative.


You could also discuss adding plugins to enhance the user experience in the review section with the digital commerce website development firm you are looking to hire.


You can utilize these plug – ins to showcase popular items and evaluations from sites like Yelp, Facebook, Foursquare, and others.


Including user-generated feedback from social media can assist you increase brand presence and establish a loyal following.


Promotional Offers

Trying to offer special deals is a prevalent marketing tactic for so many ecommerce businesses. They help promote merchandise offers via email, social media, message, push notifications, and other channels.


If you wish to take your marketing strategy to the next level, make better use of the ecommerce site’s header section. It can assist you in capturing the interest of browsers and keeping them on the site for a greater amount of time with the potential of sales.


Shoppers will be inspired to spend considerable time and cash on your site. People search for great products if they recognise they are getting a special deal.

sales promotional offers


They are extremely convenient and enable you to hyperlink products that you intend to purchase in the long term. People are able to save products from the wish list section and start sharing them with others.


People are saving products to buy later and can also increase your sales. You have information on people who are interested in purchasing particular products.


You know what they tend to favor, you have their contact information, and you can operate an effective targeted marketing campaign that will boost your sales immediately.



Businesses with an established brick-and-mortar store can benefit from additional features. They can include a find-in-store feature that enables customers to walk down to the store and inspect the product for themselves.


It’s also beneficial for people who really can stand in line to purchase definite products because they can go down to the store and purchase the goods rather than having to wait for shipments.

choose Right Ecommerce Website Developer

It also enables people to determine whether their corner shop has the goods they want before going there individually.


Related Products

Your main goal is to improve your website’s user experience.


During ecommerce web development, you can discuss with your service provider how to employ innovative plug – ins to add features and functionality such as “related stuff,” “You could also like it,” or “usually purchased together,” and so on.


This allows you to direct your customers’ attention to other great products, increasing your sales and custom e-commerce solution providers suggest incorporating these.


It is a wonderful solution if you purchase both items and accessories, and it not just leads to customers for the product that individuals happen to come to buy on your site, as well as for other product lines.


Advance Payment Options

Providing multiple payment methods on your website gives your customers more choices. It is critical that you provide advanced payment options on your ecommerce website. Ecommerce website development companies take this feature as sacred.


Allow users to connect their different accounts, such as bank accounts, e-wallets, Pay later wallets, lines of credit, debit cards, and so on. This will make their customer experience even more pleasant, and you will be able to reduce the number of steps involved in the checkout page.


Also, if you do not offer a specific payment option, explain to your customers why you do not offer definite methods of online payment. Maintaining transparency with your customers will get you a long way.


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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

One drawback of shopping online is that you do not receive proper sales assistance. People have numerous inquiries about brands and products overall.


However, because it is a digital commerce site, they could indeed communicate directly with the vendor, which may lead to them not purchasing the item.


Selling costly products on your website becomes more challenging overall. However, you can change this by including a FAQ section on each product page.


You can also decrease the amount of content in the product description and replace it with more thorough details about the item and brand in the Faq page.


This gives users more freedom and improves their story line because they can jump right to the queries that interest them.


Shipping information in detail

There are numerous reasons why ecommerce websites experience abandoned carts. The unforeseen shipping cost is one of the main reasons.


It is critical that the cost of shipping is communicated to customers in advance instead of at the end. If your clients are aware of the shipping charges, they will be able to make a more educated choice instead of leaving the site disappointed.


You can include a shipping cost calculator predicated on zip code. Many logistic solution providers have their own APIs and plugins that you can incorporate to improve the transparency in your customers’ cost estimation.


Return Policy

Create an appropriate return policy as well as add it to your ecommerce site, just as you would a privacy policy.


Individuals should be able to understand the rules for returning the item. Include replacement clauses for products where returns are not anticipated.


Your customers will be able to believe your brand if you have a well-written return policy. People very rarely shop on websites that have no refund policy or a strategy that does not appear to be legitimate.


Final Thoughts

These are the essential ecommerce website characteristics for 2024. I hope you liked the blog and are prepared to take the next step in your development.


Please contact us if you require any additional information about digital commerce technology and the ongoing development, or if you require a team to build a custom eCommerce site for you or revamp or if you’re starting an ecommerce business from scratch and need a new website for the same.




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