Why You Need Custom Ecommerce Solutions For Your Business?

Are you planning to build an Ecommerce site to promote your products/services online? Then you must be able to think out of the box cause 54% of your potential customers want a personalized experience.

These days consumers across the global market value uniqueness, so having a site that is not unique will not be able to stand out. Hence, this will lead to missing some potential conversion-right? After all getting sale is your ultimate goal!

Without the help of custom ecommerce solutions, you can’t stand out in the crowd. Cause custom e-com solution creates web applications for your e-commerce site to make it scalable, flexible, and errorless- streamlining the process to its users. That will lead to a greater User experience. Leads and conversion!

To understand the importance of a custom website application in an ecommerce business, you have to understand it from the core. So let’s begin from scratch

What is Custom Ecommerce Web App development?

Customized ecommerce web applications are a personalized version of website applications. This sophisticated software are built to meet specific requirement of a ecommerce brand or store. Developers use this tool to boost efficiency of an ecommerce site and make it more appropriate for users.

custom ecommerce solutions

What is an Ecommerce Agency?

Ecommerce Agencies deal in B2B business and provide   custom ecommerce development services according to several ecommerce brand’s requirement to make them able to  serve their customers most finely. Hire an ecommerce agency to a lead generating Ecommerce website powered with best custom web applications.

Why You Need An Ecommerce Web Development Partner?

Here are some core reasons to hire custom ecommerce solutions partner to boost your Ecommerce business-

o    Get the web apps that make an ecommerce store truly yours

Your ecommerce web development partner built a website that truly defines your ecommerce brand. Cause you get a scope to choose the most important web apps that perfectly suit your business need.

Integration of customized web applications allows you to build an ecommerce store that your user finds easy to access, safe, free from worthless third-party apps, and highly tailor-made.

best eCommerce solutions ecommerce platforms

o    An ecommerce store that is adaptable to any new change

We know change is the only constant. The same is right for the ecommerce industry also. What is trending today,  can be a reason for a failure in the future. So it is essential to build a ecommerce site that is highly scalable to level up whenever need arises.

With the help of custom ecommerce solutions, you can build your ecommerce site using custom ecommerce platforms. And thus, you will be able to offer best user experience through custom built web apps to your customers and run a successful ecommerce brand.

o    Create a site that is apt to handle multiple vendors’ shipping details

An Ecommerce business deals daily with multiple shipping processes and vendors. Prepare your ecommerce website to track all details and keep all users up to date with real-time information. A custom-built website with bespoke web apps equips an e-commerce store to meet all of the demands of a user.

o    Custom web applications are safe

With the help of the best ecommerce solutions, you can secure your data to a safe server. Custom Web applications allow your team to retrieve all crucial information in case your main device becomes malfunctions.

eCommerce Web Development partner

•    Custom ecommerce solutions are cost-effective and time-saving

Custom-built web applications can save a lot of money on a splurge, license fee, or any other hardware or third-party software installation charges.

How? Let us explain. Custom-built software is developed to meet the specific needs of a business. That is why, when an ecommerce agency builds custom web apps for your brand, you pay only the one-time development fees. You do not have to pay any additional fees since the owner is fully yours.

Custom-built web applications save time because you don’t have to change your existing template to adapt any third-party app. Designers create an app that is a perfect fit for your existing system.

Advantages of custom-built web applications that directly benefit your E-commerce business:

o    Custom web application makes your ecommerce brand competitive in the cutthroat competition cause 34% of customers do unplanned shopping out of getting impressed over personalized experience.

o    80% of Shoppers end up shopping from a competitor’s brand over a poor experience with UX design. A Custom web application built website has a streamlined design that efficiently keeps users engaged without making them annoyed.

o    Get on-time maintenance, bug fixing, and support with the custom ecommerce solutions and make your ecommerce store available to the users 24X7 to beat competitors.

o    Custom apps backed ecommerce website load faster, enhance conversion rates and reduce the bounce rate at an optimal level.

hire an eCommerce agency

Key takeaway

E-commerce agencies use the best E-commerce platforms to build an ecommerce site that users want. That is why experts’ word matters if you really want to achieve success in the e-commerce industry. So without wasting time hire your ecommerce web development partner now!


The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Right Ecommerce Website Development Company

The e-commerce industry has opened new avenues of opportunities for entrepreneurs. From big industrial goods to day essentials, brands from all niches are now building their own e-commerce website to boost sales. Having an e-commerce website is not an option; it has become a necessity for the brand to sustain itself in this internet-driven world.

 95 % of purchases will happen through e-commerce websites by 2040- predicted in a report.

Let’s not be surprised because this is very much obvious. With the changing purview of technological upgradation, human habits and lifestyles are also changing. That is why if you want to launch your brand or as an established business owner; hiring an e-commerce website development company is an unavoidable situation for you.

What is e-commerce website development?

E-commerce website development is plan-backed execution to design and develop both the front end and the back end of an e-commerce store. This development process includes several steps which have both technical and creative aspects. Connect with the best e-commerce development company India now!


Why should you hire an ecommerce development company?

Hiring an e-commerce website developer or custom e-commerce website development services will benefit you in many aspects. Don’t know how to choose the best e-commerce development company? It’s not that much difficult, find here the ultimate guide!

top 3 eCommerce Platforms to Launch Online Store

  • Customized solution

A customized business solution is something that all opportunists find to grow. In this dynamic world of business generalized services won’t help much. Hiring an e-commerce website development company will help you to experience the best-customized services. Create UX for your customers to boost the e-commerce industry penetration rate. With a specialist team, you will get what you prioritize.

Approximately 70% of customers say their loyalty to a company is determined by how well it takes care of their needs.

  • Develop a better user experience

Customers visit an e-commerce site with expectations of a hassle-free shopping experience, payment security, real-time tracking feature, and doorstep delivery. If your e-com store can satisfy all the needs conveniently, then we must say you have created a higher degree of UX successfully. You can create all the features of ecommerce website easily with the help of an e-commerce development company India.

Investing in UX design in ecommerce generates returns of up to $100 for every dollar spent.

  • On-time technical support

Maintaining, upgrading, and getting timely technical support-these are not headaches anymore. The experts in e-commerce development can handle all these issues timely. All you need to do is share your problem and get instant technical support from them.

  •  Develop mobile commerce

Not developing a mobile store means you are losing leads and revenue. Hire an e-commerce website development service provider and take your e-com brand to the next level by getting a unique themed mobile e-commerce store.

54% of e-commerce sales will happen through mobile commerce.

  • Others benefits

  • Get technical advice on time.
  • Upgrade all the systems based on market demand.
  • Design your storefront with appealing colors and designs.
  • Experience a streamlined process of e-commerce website design.

10 Best e-commerce Marketing Strategies

How to choose the right e-commerce website development company?

Here is a step by step guidance to choose and hire the right e-commerce service for your brand.

Step 1-

Consider your business goal

Who is your target audience? What is your target market? Aim for a market leadership position or just want to boost sales volume?  No, we are not interrogating you! We are here to help you to gain a deeper understanding of your goal, and your aim.

Before choosing the right ecommerce website development company, you must focus on the above points. It is pertinent to share your view with the expert team, and it is crucial for them to understand it before taking up your project.


    Communicate your business goal with them.

    Express your view regarding the functionalities and features an E-com store should have.

    Share your ideal benchmark with them.

    See whether they have understood these or not.


Step 2

Understand and share your e-commerce website’s purpose

The website of an e-commerce brand is a like a virtual showroom or a marketplace. An E-commerce website creates convenience for customers and motivates them to try new products every day. As a blessing of the digital marketplace, now customers from every corner of a place get to try international products without physically visiting their showrooms.

Do you have the desire to create a marketplace where you serve customers across the globe? Share your thoughts on desired features you want in your website with the web design agency.


    Payment methods

    Marketing tools

    Themes

    Website languages option

Step 3    

Understand their approach

Each firm has its style of handling work. Which one suits you better? Ask them about their process and methods of work.


 What is their know-how? Ask them how they perceive your goal and how open they are to share daily feedback. Do they follow up frequently?

ecommerce webdesign trend 2023

Step 4

Cross check 

 Consider the below-mentioned points

  • Check out their website’s design, functionality, responsiveness, theme, color, loading time, etc.
  • Compare their price with the market rate.
  • Check whether they are using the latest technologies or not.
  • Check reviews, and testimonials and try to connect.
  •  If possible try to get feedback from their previous clients.

Why should you take outsourcing services?

  • Reduce cost
  • Help to achieve expertise.
  • Meet business needs.
  • Get time to be more creative.
  • Accomplish your project on time.

Don’t think much; get in touch now with the best E-commerce development company India now!


Hire Magento Development Company Over Freelance for better ROI

The e-commerce industry is a land of opportunities that faces new technologies and innovation every day. If you can exhaust these opportunities, you will be able to take your e-commerce brand to a prestigious position. Here we will discuss the aspect regarding Magento-a e-commerce website building in building a PHP platform. However, brand owners often find it difficult to decide whether to hire a Magento Developer or a Magento development company before implementing Magento software. The time has come when you should end this confusion!

Why to Choose a Magento Development Company?


Do you need quality-right? That means you have the answer already. If not sure cross-check it with the following question. If all of the answers to these questions are ‘yes’ for you, then you should hire a Magento development company.

•    Do you find your Magento store is running slow or constantly showing glitches?

•    Is your Magento commerce not performing as per your expectation?

•    Are your competitors have better-looking Magento stores?

•    Do you find your Magento store is not user-friendly?

•    Do you want features like placing orders, tracking real-time data, and payment security to need improvement?

•    Do you think your Magento store is not customized enough?

•    Want to add more cutting-edge features to your ecommerce store to create more convenience for users?

•    Want to upgrade your ecommerce store to Magento 2?


How To Choose Between A Freelance Magento Developer and a Magento development company?

Step 1

Identify Your Requirement


Now as you have known what you want, now you have to consider the following points to select the best option to launch your e-commerce store.

Understand the need for your project

Before choosing a single developer or an ecommerce website development company, you need to understand your project’s requirements. Having a clear understanding of your project’s needs will make it easier for you to communicate your deadlines, pricing, or work schedule to the developer.

Breakdown the whole process into stages

Break down the whole process into different stages and set a tight timeline for each stage. Hence, you will get a deeper picture of the whole system. If you want to hire freelance developers, assign them this small part of the work with a strict schedule. This is an efficient way step to handle the Magento e-commerce development project.

Sign contract

Once you have chosen your best possible option between an e-commerce website development company and a single developer, don’t forget to sign a contract with them.

Advantages of Hiring Magento

Step 2

Assess the Quality of Options

Before hiring a developer for your Magento ecommerce development, don’t forget to check out the following skill set in your developer.


Starting with current technology, a modern storefront, a trendy outlook, an efficient database, and a lot of technical things are some of the basic requirements to handle the e-commerce website effectively. Simple technical expertise will not be enough, industry experience with multiple specialists is needed.

Efficient project development

Project coordinating and developing skills are other must-have things to simply a large project work into small parts. It required a lot of efficiency. Can a freelance Magento Developer provide this efficiency? Ask before you hire anyone!


Having soft skills is equally important as technical knowledge. Creativity is one of the most important soft skills.

Stress management

When it comes to managing the overall project in regards to budget and timeline, can a Magento development company handle the stress? Ask them all the things clearly before you take a move. Now you have come to a crucial point where you need to pick up one option between an e-commerce website development company and a single developer to proceed with your Magento development project.

Step 3

Know Pros and Cons of Both Options

Benefits Of Magento development company

    • Enjoy the benefits of multiple services and utilize the ultimate benefit of ready to use Magento website.
    • Customized approach for each project.
    • Get the legal benefits of signing a sound contract.
    • Get timely delivery of your project.
    • From developing, and troubleshooting to launching the web store, get end-to-end support throughout the project.

Benefits of Magento developer

      • Charges less.
      • Good for handling simple projects.
      • Outsourcing works best when you need no specialist consultation, you just want an extra workforce.

In case you feel happy about the fact that a single developer charges less, then it is time for you to know its disadvantages as well.

        • The project may go wrong as outsourcing can create a chaotic situation due to a lack of control.
        • Freelancers may miss the deadline as they are not directly involved in it.
        • Difficulty in determining the cost of work and setting the most competitive price.
        • outsourcing can breach the privacy of work and information.


Also read: Tips to Right Magento Ecommerce Development Company

Key takeaway

Only a full-fledged team of professional Magento developers can only provide you with quality, and you should not make a compromise on quality. A team is more capable to handle quality, time span, and efficiency at the same time than a single developer, as we know ecommerce development project is a complex process to handle. So, are you ready to hire the best team from a Magento development company? Then drop a mail at sales@thetechclouds.com now.

ERPNext Solution Company: A Best Strategy For Ecommerce brand!

Enterprise Resource Planning software or most commonly ERP software is one of the most efficient management software. It can efficiently manage all aspects of a business operation. ERPnext is a generic version of the ERP software and a most efficient choice for businesses as it charges less and returns more.


What is ERPNext?

It’s an open-source ERP system that can efficiently organize and manage all the management work centrally. ERPNext is a complete solution well-equipped with a website builder that a new-age business wants. Expect all kinds of cutting-edge tools in ERPNext’s controllable design. Consult an ERPNext solution company now!

What challenges could an e-commerce firm face without ERPNext?

  • Inability to track orders and billings efficiently
  • Difficulty in managing real-time movement.
  • Bearing the expense of various manpower.
  • Facing difficulties in tracking the delivery details.
  • Management and departments are having coordination issues.
  • Not able to extend business to the various zone.

How does the ERPNext solution solve these problems?

The following features can serve an e-commerce business most efficiently. Let’s check the features quickly.

  • Quick, efficient, and eye-catching landing pages and log-in features- enjoy higher conversion.
  • Easy product search option.
  • Provide a realistic image of the product- convince the customers.
  • Easy product order feature.
  • A smart engine-backed product search bar.
  • Offering alternative products and other various products.
  • Design a uniquely smart cart.
  • Integrate the Ecom system with multiple secured payment options- build trust in customers’ minds.

Why you should choose ERPNext for your Ecommerce brand?

Customized easily

It’s an open-source-based platform. That means you can enjoy multiple functional benefits with ERPNext as per your E-com business need. It offers a wide array of features and tools for its functionalities.

Manage storefront efficiently

Provide real-time data on the storefront and enhance user experience. Starting from tracking details, and cart details to order details, it enables the storefront to keep the users updated with real data.

Save money, and time and improves productivity

An ERP system enhances the productivity of the whole business process and saves time and money for the organization.

Reduce the error of duplication

An error of duplication may occur when too much human intervention is there. This ERP software can automate the whole process and upload all details automatically. In this way, it eliminates human involvement and reduces error.



  • Keep track of all the details, prepare reports, and forecast budgets and sales.
  • Get all financial reports in one place and make a strong business strategy and planning.
  • Create errorless UX design and a generally higher degree of satisfaction with better customer service.
  • Manage everything centrally, from inventory to finance to day-to-day operations.
  • Able to manage all administrational duties and make them aligned with your business goal.
  • Enjoy low ERPNext implementation cost and higher ROI.

Why does ERPNext- backed E-commerce platform is better than an ordinary E-commerce platform?

Good for your budget and business

The ERPNext-backed platform runs efficiently as an integrated system. You can control the efficiency of the three aspects of an e-commerce brand, i.e web application, store front end, and the back end part simultaneously. Investing ERPNext is a cost-effective solution for your E-com brand.

Efficiently manage the HRM system

The human workforce is an integral part of an e-commerce store. The HRM module of ERPNext streamlines the managing HRM system and employee lifecycle. It records all the employee details like Payroll, employee details, attendance, etc, and furnishes reports on it.

Bring to ordination in different parts of the organization

When you use Ecommerce+ ERPNext, you don’t have to duplicate details in different modules. You can make an entry in one module; it will be reflected in all other relevant modules.

Use multiple platforms

Starting from the web application, android to iOS, take your store to different easily.

What the data are saying about the success of ERP software?

    • 95% of businesses are now operating with an improved business process with ERP implementation.
    • 40% company have agreed that they implement ERP due to better functionality of the overall business process.
    • According to an international survey, 21% of companies use cloud ERP.

What are you waiting for? Get your ideal customized ERP solution with an ERPnext solution company at a pocket-friendly expense now!

Why Does B2B companies Prefer ERPNEXT Integrated Ecommerce?

The implementation cost of ERPNext is high, and it’s not a secret as it transmits changes across all departments of an organization. Starting from finance, inventory, logistics, purchase, and sales to all micro aspects; ERP harmonizes all.

Businesses now don’t choose an ERP solution not only for automation only but also to achieve a sustainable growth rate. Especially the B2B business, which operates on a large scale is now ready to invest more in improving overall user experience.  It will help them to achieve a strong base of loyal customers.


How ERP improves the organizational structure and overall user experience?

  • Customers find an enhanced shopping experience in an ERPNext-integrated ecommerce.
  • ERPNEXT brings more convenience to the overall ecommerce system.
  • It helps in customer retention and increasing sales.
  • Boost the efficiency in order management, stock keeping management, order tracking, and workforce management.
  • It elevates sales promotional techniques with unique pricing and discounts.

E-commerce Website Development: An Overview Of Why You Need It?

  • Approx 93.5% of global internet consumers have purchased products online.
  • The e-commerce market is growing 23% year over year.
  • Out of 100, every 33 people abandon an online purchase due to the lack of proper information.
  •  According to a well-known website, 88% of users don’t return to a site due to a bad user experience.

The e-commerce market is booming, no doubt about that, but you can only succeed if you take full advantage of this market’s potential.  A website brings life to an e-commerce business, and an e-commerce website and an e-commerce business are very synonymous. A responsive site is essential for promoting your business or online store if you want to grow. Connect an e-commerce website design company to run your E-com brand at its full profit- potential.


ecommerce website advantages

Why do you need a website for your e-commerce company?

  • Build a strong brand image


A common marketplace or online platform can hinder your brand’s growth as an individual brand. It can make your product generalize in front of the consumers. Don’t let this happen, connect to an e-commerce website builder now! When you design a perfect – individualized website for your brand, you get an opportunity to build a strong brand identity. Build a strong brand image, earn customers’ attention and get a higher market penetration rate.


  • Create a customized experience for your E-commerce shop

Own your customized e-commerce website and run it with your rule! Enjoy the freedom to post your creative ideas on your site without abiding by others’ rules. Post colorful pictures, content, and videos without any disturbance of popped-up irrelevant things. Offer different benefits and decide on the target consumers’ behavior to run your brand as a profit-driven business.

  • Create an innovative marketing campaign

The next step after launching your e-commerce brand is to come up with ideas for attracting new customers. Take up creative innovation to run effective marketing campaigns for your website. Drive paid and organic traffic to your website with tailored marketing plans, Google ads, and SEO. This will help you to drive higher leads for your eCommerce brand.

Other important reasons

  • Connect with your audience at a deeper level.
  • Create personalized UX design.
  •  Design out-of-the-box structure that makes stand out in this competitive industry.
  • Create a personalized email list and marketing strategy so that never ask why you need an e-commerce website.
  • Focus on creating a personalized design to boost the conversion rate.

How to build a website or your ecommerce brand?

Let’s take a quick understanding to get the answer for how build ecommerce website efficiently-

  1. Choose an eCommerce platform’s type


  • SaaS, open source and headless commerce are three types of ecommerce platforms. Choose the appropriate platform according to your product’s nature, business goal and functionality.
  • Get an ecommerce hosting for your Ecommerce site to provide encrypted security to your site. Web hosting can be of two types- cloud hosting, on-premise hosting.
  • Choose an ecommerce website builder.
  • Choose an effective ecommerce solution.


2. Purchase a domain name for your brand’s website

Select a creative, short, and relevantly- unique domain name.


3. Find an e-commerce website developer

Give Them:

  • Your plan
  • Goal
  • Timeline
  • A Reference of your website
  • A Date to go Live

4.Find an appropriate template that fits your e-commerce theme

Select an appropriate template or theme and consider the following details while choosing-

    • Customer navigation
    • Home page Style
    • Individualized options.


      • Add the products’ image, description, and all the relevant details.
      • Organize this section according to product categories, and details.
      • Design payment options and methods.
      • Set up shipping settings.
      • Check out the preview, test it and launch your online store.

Creative Ecommerce Website Designs

How to maintain an eCommerce Website

It’s a good curiosity for an e-commerce business owner. Let’s get a checklist below to do proper maintenance for your website.

    • Ensure and checkup effective product listing in the frequent gap and refreshed or updated.
    • These processes boost sales for your eCommerce brand.
    • Do effective order management, track all the processes, and maintain timely coordination to earn a good reputation for your brand.
    • Monitor the website’s functionality in frequent time gaps to reduce bounce rate and enhance conversion rate.
    • Keep in check all the analytical reports to fill the gap timely.
    • Implement different modules to conduct creative market campaigns and drive higher traffic.
    • Do frequent security checks and updates.
    • Keep updating the UX design and features of websites.

Have you found the best? Why wait when you can do it now? Want the top features of an e-commerce website? Hire one of the e-commerce website development service providers now! Let’s connect!

Overview Of 360 Digital Marketing: See Your Brand To A New Height

What is 360 digital marketing?

360-degree digital marketing techniques refer to a comprehensive digital marketing plan which covers marketing strategies and services for multiple platforms to the target audience at each level. To put it another way, it is a planning and executing activity to design customers’ journeys from online potential buyers to your website and finally convert them to loyal customers.

 360-degree marketing: How does it work?

•    Making research about the target audiences’ preferred digital channels and platforms

•    Finding the answer about what type of content they are enjoying

•    Try to get the answer on what is influencing them most.

•    Try to know their driving factors in the digital world.

•    Make research on their preferred way of communication.

•    Build a feedback system that works.

•    Working on covering gaps and making the services more efficient.



Why is taking 360 digital marketing services important to achieve robust growth?


•    Make your brand well recognized by your potential buyers

Research reveals that in the USA, adults use to a spent average of 485 minutes with digital media every day. Take this as an opportunity to grow. Choose 360-degree marketing services to build marketing strategies for multiple digital channels and reach your target potential consumers easily.



•    Boost the online presence and leads with multichannel marketing


Enhance the brand’s online presence with effective 360 digital marketing techniques. Consumers now check everything online before making a purchase decision. It includes checking online reviews on Google, and other available options or searching the information on it. That is why having an effective online presence will keep you a step ahead of your competitors.



•    Make your services available to all the clients for 24×7


Online marketing campaigns with 360-degree marketing services make you available to the target customers 24X7. It helps you to provide a responsive website; through which your customers can reach you at their convenient time and way. You will be able to keep track of their feedback and queries. It creates a positive impact on your brand’s reputation.


360 degree digital marketing services

•    Provide helpful data and help in assessing ROI


Digital marketing matrices are one of the most crucial data that highly impact managerial decisions. Assess the Return On investment while making a budget and incorporate smart strategies in the future.



 Element of 360 digital marketing techniques

•    Building a responsive website

This task probably may top the digital marketing list of services. A website is similar to a digital address for a brand. The journeys of digital marketing services start with a responsive website to earn credibility, lead, and sales for your brand.

•    Taking up strong SEO plan

Potential buyers will never be going to find you if you don’t have a strong and effective SEO plan and its implementation. The research found that 93 % of online experience starts with organic search. Thus, a good digital marketing company always gives you a data-driven SEO plan that helps your brand rank higher on organic search results.


•    Designing PPC campaign

This is an effective technique to earn a great lead in the short term.  With an effective paid digital ad campaign, a small business can earn maximum clicks in the search engine result.  You can recover missed clicks, leads, conversion rate, and higher CTR, with the appropriate implementation of Pay per click ad campaign.


•    Content marketing

Creative content is one of the fruitful ways to gain attention from the target audience or buyers. By designing relevant and unique content you can emotionally connect with your buyers. An effective digital marketing campaign can help you to promote the content with an efficient content marketing technique.

•    Social media marketing

Social media marketing technique plays a crucial role in any digital marketing campaign. In 2022, research indicates that companies spent approximately 181 billion dollars on social media advertising. With social media marketing techniques, you can extend your reach to the maximum audience and generate higher web traffic to your site.

•    Email marketing campaign

This is another crucial element of the 360 digital marketing services Outbound emails are an excellent way to communicate directly with customers about the solution you can offer them. Generate higher leads with customized email marketing campaigns.

•    Designing effective Customer relationship management

A strong customer relationship management system converts your business into a brand by achieving a good reputation in the market. Developing strong PR strategies and keeping track of appropriate CRM tools are part of digital marketing campaigns.

Want to get help from a well-reputed 360 digital marketing company? Call us or book a free quote with us now!


Understand the importance of user experience in business: Why UX matters?

What is User Experience (UX)?


Using a product or taking a service means that the product or service gives the user a unique experience. At this point, Users gain an impression of that particular product or service. This perception of a particular product or service is called User Experience (UX).


What is UX design?


Professional UX designers work to bring an impressive experience to the users for a particular product or service. They don’t design the UX but they work to create a User experience.


UX design advantage for Business

Why does user experience so important in business?


According to research, 70% of customers leave online purchases due to bad UX. Businesses live on its sale services and products. The quality of its output or the finished products generates sales. In order to make the quality of its overall services more usable, business leaders are striving towards creating good UX.


•    Enhance the value.

•    Boost effectiveness.

•    Create desirability.



The benefits of UX design for your business?


  •  Make the website better


UX is a core factor in web designing. A website with a user-friendly UI is responsive, mobile-friendly, and has good navigational features. Hiring a UX specialist may give more insights into this as they have a long list.


  •  Create a good customer experience


Customer experience is incomplete without UX. Take the benefits of good user experience by implementing it in designing customer services. A good understanding of consumer behavior and consumer preference is required to create customer satisfaction. A study found that 73% of Gen Y buyers prefer brands having consistent and great customer experience.


•    Make a loyal customer base


Good customer experience helps to build brand awareness and customer loyalty. Here, the importance of UX lies in designing customer experience.


  •  Lower the bounce rate


A website with good UX web design enhances engagement with viewers. This will lead to lower bounce rates and increase the chance of conversions. Hence, hiring an affordable web design company is mandatory for operating a business seamlessly.


  •  Provide cost-effectiveness


It is also important to focus on UX when doing web design and development. Building a mobile-friendly website or user-friendly website works like a one-time investment. A website with having good user-friendly UI requires fewer maintenance charges or frequent updates.


  •    Build a brand’s identity


Color Psychology in website design is an important aspect of UX web design. Different colors have different significance. Using variant colors to design and create a UX is a good strategy. An affordable web design company does the same thing while creating UX for a web development project. It is crucial to building a meaningful website for a brand’s identity.


  • Helps SEO to perform better

Making a website responsive and easy to navigate is an important part of UX design. SEO technique works effectively when users get good experiences while using the website. Thus, good UX contributes a lot to SEO’s success.

benefits of UX design

  •    Enhance the efficiency of the website’s design


Effective web designing starts with UX planning. Contact an affordable web design company to get a good start on an efficient website Design.


Improve user experience for customers


•    Build up a proper UX plan


Do UX research before starting with your plan. Then do a strong plan for your overall UX design. That plan should be able to answer the following questions:

  • What are your target buyers looking for?
  • Why would they choose your product or services?
  • Will your services be sufficient for them?
  • What you can offer them?

•    Maintain a flow chart or guidelines


Make a framework for a UX design plan. Chalk out there every step in detail. This will help you to keep track of the status of work or bring the necessary changes. Maintain it throughout the process as these will help your team as well.


•    Take feedbacks and reviews seriously


Taking feedback critically is what makes a good user experience. Offer feedback forms to the users, and take consumers’ reviews and feedback from your buyers. Analyze this feedback seriously and make changes accordingly. Taking a consumer survey also gives effective results.


•    Build a responsive site


Creating a Responsive and mobile-friendly website is one of the important aspects of UX design. Once you meet these two conditions, you’ve effectively completed half of the job!

Hire expert website designers

•    Make your customers knowledgeable

Post valuable and optimized content on your website. These will make your buyers aware of your services, and their needs. Make them feel attached to your brand’s story.


•    Conduct UX audit

Do testing in frequent gaps, review the existing UX/UI design, and re-strategize them. Don’t just leave it once it is completed. Stay competitive with the current industry demands and trends.


Want assistance from an affordable web design company including web design services for small business? Would you like to get the best UX Plan for your brand? Visit us or call us now!

What Exactly Is Magento Ecommerce and How Can It Help Your Online Store?

What is Magento?


Magento is an eCommerce website platform owned by Adobe that was created in 2008 and is intended to provide multichannel expertise for B2B and B2C customers.


What distinguishes Magento from other systems is its extensive product handling and capacity to keep over one thousand products, allowing companies to expand their catalog as they develop.


Whether you wish to start your first eCommerce website or move to a good option, Magento eCommerce can assist you in achieving your company objectives.


Magento powers well-known brands such as Ford, Samsung, and Coca-Cola. This platform enables companies to develop distinct and different branded experiences.



It is quickly adaptable to changes and can be easily changed to meet the needs of your online store.


Its feature-rich platform simplifies eCommerce activities and offers sellers with ready-to-use advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), and product management capabilities, among many other things.


Its smooth scalability guarantees that even stores experiencing rapid growth will not be constrained by the platform. 

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Magento’s Key Features

Magento has a long list of notable functionalities that provide significant benefits to companies and make it one of the most competitive commerce choices available:

  • Scalability:  Magento is suitable for companies of all sizes, with products ranging from 100 to over 100,000. It is expandable and constantly adds new characteristics to meet the needs of eCommerce and customers.
  • Multi-platform integration: By letting third-party integration, online merchants have complete control over incorporating their store with others trying to sell or payment gateways and add-ons.
  • Multi-website, store, and currency: Utilizing catalog subsets and design variations, it is simple to set up extra websites, lowering the cost of having to run multiple websites.
  • Superfast search: Elasticsearch, a better search technology, is used by Magento Enterprise to help customers find the right latest product in a snap.
  • Modern technology: The most recent version (Magento 2) is compatible with cutting-edge technologies such as PHP 7, resulting in faster connection speeds with very few server resources and, as a result, host cost is way to less.
  • Individualized customer experience: Efficient customer segmentation using the target audience behavior, as well as the ability to advertise product offerings based on these sections, allows for more aimed promotions and conversions.


Advantages of Using the Magento Ecommerce Platform?

Highly Modifiable

Aside from the general looks of your online store, the Magento system enables you to cater your customers by providing a variety of shipping, payment, and language options. Just about any feature, you can think of is possible with the appropriate Magento developer.


Even though Magento is an open-source platform, the majority of the features you’ll require are still most likely by now readily available in the form of plug-ins (third-party extensions).


Several of these plug-ins are independent as well as provide remedies for financial reporting, payment, processing, and other prevalent needs.

Magento’s comprehensive ability to adapt and personalize make sure businesses stay viable with over 5000 extensions and frameworks.


However, it is important to note that the larger the level of personalization required, the more likely you will be required to consider hiring a Magento developer because much of the code will have to be written from scratch.


Optimized for Mobile


Magento 2’s latest version is mobile-friendly, which contributes to a higher website ranking in search engines. Especially Google, because it prioritizes mobile site versions.


Because smartphones are now the primary devices used by consumers to access the internet, mobile optimization is the norm rather than the exception in eCommerce.


Magento 2 provides a mobile-first framework with responsive web design. It exhibits key features but does a pretty good job of determining what they are, so smartphone users will not be misled or have difficulty finding the goods they want.


Furthermore, it is Google Analytics consistent, so you can customize tracking variables in the Magento admin panel. This is presently one of the most efficient ways of monitoring target audience behavior.


Magento 2 updates make your eCommerce store more probable to transform visitors than ever before. Because mobile users spend more, you must provide them with mobile-friendly expertise that inspires them to purchase something.

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Global Expansion and Shipping


Magento provides multi-store features to international retailers. This enables you to control multiple stores or streams from a single administrative interface.


As a result, localized sites for each industry can be managed from a single location while sharing the very same backend and codebase.


These sites also can end up sharing customer data or stay separate based on customer groups. Each webpage, store, or store view provides pricing, tax, and shipping versatility.


Shipping methods and providers are critical components of eCommerce processes. Magento operates globally and provides the best shipping solutions to ensure that your customers are getting their items on time.


Integration with Various Platforms


Integration with third-party services makes it easier to add extra capabilities or upgrade existing ones.


To help you run a successful marketplace business, Magento integrates seamlessly with Google, Salesforce, PayPal, Sage Pay, all major social media platforms, and other business products.


Magento provides solid integration for a large variety of third-party extensions, which provides store owners and magento experts with several advantages, including:


Secure Payment Gateways


Customers can choose between redirect and direct online payment when using Magento. The former tends to take the customer to a secure payment page held by a Payment Services Provider (PSP), whereas the latter enables all payments to take place on-site.


Integration of Shipping Software


To start with, the shipment can be time-consuming. As a result, many third-party and platform software connections are available to help with the following:


  • Order management
  • Shipping Automation
  • Cost comparison
  • Labels, packing slips, and so on.
  • Inventory control
  • Tracking of shipments
  • Analysis and reporting

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Systems


Magento CRM systems can assist merchants in improving customer interaction by gathering data, increasing customer devotion, and developing a systems approach to improved sales and marketing. Magento is consistent with CRMs such as HubSpot, Metrilo, Salesforce, and Zoho.


Integration of Social Media


Social media management is an important aspect of digital marketing. Aside from continuing to support a variety of social media integrations, Magento 2’s social login enhanced version can help you boost the number of registered customers by offering an enrollment shortcut that enables logins through social networks.


Customer Support Systems


More than 65% of people today have greater aspirations for customer support than they did three to five years ago. The above uncovers a lot about the type of service your intended audience anticipates.


Fortunately, help desks as well as live chat are Magento collaborations that speed up customer service reaction and resolution times.


Analytics and Reporting


Magento’s platform is linked to Google Analytics, resulting in reporting tools that contain additional insight that can be fully integrated into your digital marketing plan. Its report overviews role makes it simple to read and send reports.


  • Dynamic reports can be generated for a variety of purposes, including:
  • Coupon Usage report
  • Tax returns
  • Search Terms Report
  • Report on the most popular products
  • Report on abandoned shopping carts
  • Sales Reports8 reasons Why Should You Use Magento

Free Community Support

Adobe Commerce provides merchants with support tools to help them enhance their Magento commerce experience.


Their Magento forums give tips and alternatives to get your store running fine for those who are using the free version, ranging from quality standards to troubleshooting.


Magento’s 360,000+ forum users provide appropriate guidance and solutions for specific challenges, and are driven by a worldwide developer community.


Rest assured that the Magento developer support available is rooted in practical implementation, as it is made up of eCommerce developers, bloggers, designers, project managers, and others.




When an ecommerce website is SEO-friendly, Google and other search engines can effectively crawl each page, interpret its material, and index it in their database.


Once archived, they can end up serving their users the most useful and relevant web pages based on the subjects they search for. Consumers will not discover your company online unless it appears on the first page of search results (SERP).


In fact, 75% will not go beyond the first page. Fortunately, Magento is SEO-friendly. It has awesome properties for robots.txt files, sitemap.xml files, as well as multiple methods for redirecting pages.




High-quality Magento developers and website development services can help you achieve success.


TTC will make sure that your website is appealing to customers and goes fine for the duration of your online eCommerce store’s existence. 

We can assist you in determining whether Magento is a good fit for your company. Thousands of clients rely on us as a data-driven, results-oriented team that can provide outstanding service and believable offerings.


Get in touch with us today to discuss your Magento commerce options!




In this blog, we have discussed the advantages of the famous Magento eCommerce platform, their features as well as how it can elevate your online store. To know in detail, stick to the piece till the end.

Top Features Your E-commerce Website Can’t Do Without In 2024

According to statistics, there are over 24 million ecommerce sites in the world, and the number keeps increasing day after day.


With so many competitors in the market, it is highly probable that businesses will strive for strategies to distinguish themselves in the industry.


To assist you, we have created a comprehensive list of must-have characteristics that you should get from a custom ecommerce solutions company for your online store for 2024 and even beyond.


The list has been carefully crafted by top e-commerce solution providers to assist you in making better decisions all through ecommerce development.


You can select the most attractive properties for online shoppers and anticipate your business to grow. It will also assist you in keeping customers and instill customer loyalty. So, let us get started.


Choosing the best functionalities for your ecommerce website



You might dismiss this point as “duh!” We’re all aware that we need to start making the websites more user-friendly.”


However, we all know that it is simpler said than done. When it comes to client satisfaction, most businesses believe that providing more will make customers feel happy.


But, this is not the case; adding features to your ecommerce websites without planning can complicate matters.


To conquer your customers’ hearts, you must believe like them, understand them exactly, and understand what they anticipate from your website and business.


This will help you make a more informed choice when it comes to deciding what characteristics you desire, what characteristics should be prevalent on the website, and how to improve your customer experience.


As per the custom e-commerce solution providers some great ways to achieve this are:


  • Sorting your products correctly
  • Continuing to keep the checkout process as simple as possible
  • A powerful filter feature that helps to narrow it down customer searches.
  • The search bar’s autofill choice
  • Payments are processed more quickly using previously saved payment options.
  • Navigation is simple and fluid, and there’s more.
  • Adding items to the list of wants
  • Enabling product assortment notifications and much more.


Websites that are mobile-friendly

More than half of all online shoppers use their mobile phones to browse online stores. If your website is not mobile-friendly, it can harm your brand presence and result in the loss of clients.


The text, pictures, video files, as well as other aspects on a responsive website are realigned for a better internet experience on gadgets with widely different screens.


Your websites should react innately to different devices as well as provide your clients with an unprecedented customer experience.


With a user – friendly website, you can boost mobile device sales by 74%. Walmart and other retailers have even reported a 98% increase in sales via mobile devices thanks to mobile-friendly websites.

ecommerce image advantages

Photos and Videos in High Resolution

The majority of people overlook the website’s content quality. If you would like people to come to your ecommerce site and order your products, you need to render them with all of the data, such as high-quality videos and images.


Not only has tech advanced rapidly over the years, but also your customer. They really aren’t going to look for a crappy picture, a buffering youtube clip, and a handful of product bullet points. They require accurate data on the item in which they are looking to invest.



User-generated content

Reviews and ratings on shopping sites can help immensely.  According to one research, 95% of shoppers read product reviews before purchasing any items, and 57% of customers will only purchase a product if it was rated 4 stars or higher.

benefits of user generated content

One of the arguments advanced by businesses is that negative customer reviews can lead to a loss of sales.


They couldn’t have been more wrong. Most consumers regard a product with only positive feedback and praise as fake. As previously stated, we are dealing with smart customers who are well conscious of marketing practices.


Allow people to leave feedback, whether positive or negative.


You could also discuss adding plugins to enhance the user experience in the review section with the digital commerce website development firm you are looking to hire.


You can utilize these plug – ins to showcase popular items and evaluations from sites like Yelp, Facebook, Foursquare, and others.


Including user-generated feedback from social media can assist you increase brand presence and establish a loyal following.


Promotional Offers

Trying to offer special deals is a prevalent marketing tactic for so many ecommerce businesses. They help promote merchandise offers via email, social media, message, push notifications, and other channels.


If you wish to take your marketing strategy to the next level, make better use of the ecommerce site’s header section. It can assist you in capturing the interest of browsers and keeping them on the site for a greater amount of time with the potential of sales.


Shoppers will be inspired to spend considerable time and cash on your site. People search for great products if they recognise they are getting a special deal.

sales promotional offers


They are extremely convenient and enable you to hyperlink products that you intend to purchase in the long term. People are able to save products from the wish list section and start sharing them with others.


People are saving products to buy later and can also increase your sales. You have information on people who are interested in purchasing particular products.


You know what they tend to favor, you have their contact information, and you can operate an effective targeted marketing campaign that will boost your sales immediately.



Businesses with an established brick-and-mortar store can benefit from additional features. They can include a find-in-store feature that enables customers to walk down to the store and inspect the product for themselves.


It’s also beneficial for people who really can stand in line to purchase definite products because they can go down to the store and purchase the goods rather than having to wait for shipments.

choose Right Ecommerce Website Developer

It also enables people to determine whether their corner shop has the goods they want before going there individually.


Related Products

Your main goal is to improve your website’s user experience.


During ecommerce web development, you can discuss with your service provider how to employ innovative plug – ins to add features and functionality such as “related stuff,” “You could also like it,” or “usually purchased together,” and so on.


This allows you to direct your customers’ attention to other great products, increasing your sales and custom e-commerce solution providers suggest incorporating these.


It is a wonderful solution if you purchase both items and accessories, and it not just leads to customers for the product that individuals happen to come to buy on your site, as well as for other product lines.


Advance Payment Options

Providing multiple payment methods on your website gives your customers more choices. It is critical that you provide advanced payment options on your ecommerce website. Ecommerce website development companies take this feature as sacred.


Allow users to connect their different accounts, such as bank accounts, e-wallets, Pay later wallets, lines of credit, debit cards, and so on. This will make their customer experience even more pleasant, and you will be able to reduce the number of steps involved in the checkout page.


Also, if you do not offer a specific payment option, explain to your customers why you do not offer definite methods of online payment. Maintaining transparency with your customers will get you a long way.


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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

One drawback of shopping online is that you do not receive proper sales assistance. People have numerous inquiries about brands and products overall.


However, because it is a digital commerce site, they could indeed communicate directly with the vendor, which may lead to them not purchasing the item.


Selling costly products on your website becomes more challenging overall. However, you can change this by including a FAQ section on each product page.


You can also decrease the amount of content in the product description and replace it with more thorough details about the item and brand in the Faq page.


This gives users more freedom and improves their story line because they can jump right to the queries that interest them.


Shipping information in detail

There are numerous reasons why ecommerce websites experience abandoned carts. The unforeseen shipping cost is one of the main reasons.


It is critical that the cost of shipping is communicated to customers in advance instead of at the end. If your clients are aware of the shipping charges, they will be able to make a more educated choice instead of leaving the site disappointed.


You can include a shipping cost calculator predicated on zip code. Many logistic solution providers have their own APIs and plugins that you can incorporate to improve the transparency in your customers’ cost estimation.


Return Policy

Create an appropriate return policy as well as add it to your ecommerce site, just as you would a privacy policy.


Individuals should be able to understand the rules for returning the item. Include replacement clauses for products where returns are not anticipated.


Your customers will be able to believe your brand if you have a well-written return policy. People very rarely shop on websites that have no refund policy or a strategy that does not appear to be legitimate.


Final Thoughts

These are the essential ecommerce website characteristics for 2024. I hope you liked the blog and are prepared to take the next step in your development.


Please contact us if you require any additional information about digital commerce technology and the ongoing development, or if you require a team to build a custom eCommerce site for you or revamp or if you’re starting an ecommerce business from scratch and need a new website for the same.




What Issues Does ERPNext Address in Businesses?

In businesses, it can be overpowering for work teams to access 5, 10, or even 15 systems to complete a single task or solve a single issue.


It is a huge waste of productive hours and causes stress in the employees, which can be totally avoided by consolidating all tasks on a unified platform. That is entirely possible with ERPNext services.


We understand why businesses are hesitant to implement new management software in their processes as they want to avert chaos at all expenses.


They also do not want to make errors in their workloads, lose a lot of money, or have the team feel so lost while settling into the new tool. However, this ERPNext for organization truly solves your business issues.


How effective is ERPNext?

ERPNext’s creators describe it with three words: complete, versatile, and strong, carefully constructed to be effective, simple, and strong.

key benefits of ERPNext services

It has a dashboard with a relatively clean, straightforward, and functional design that clearly demonstrates all of the data that the user requires to handle the company’s most critical procedures.


Simultaneously, the Kanban-style board enables you to have a view organized by columns, where you can split the procedures in advance according to their status, whether they’re running, waiting, or done.


The primary benefit of ERPNext services is that it provides companies with over 1000 components that enable them to organize and manage almost every aspect of their business, from accounting to the execution of a Helpdesk.


ERPNext’s Solutions to Business Issues


Accounting Process Disorganization

The ability to manage your company’s finances does not have to be a never-ending nightmare.


If you do not have control of the processes, the financial reporting aspect of your business, particularly if it is expanding rapidly, can devolve into chaos.


The ERPNext Accounting module enables you to control all financial data in real-time, from transactions to summarizing and analyzing financial statements.


The company superintendent will have a true perspective of the books of accounts in the center console of this ERPNext module, showcasing all of the key criteria. It has highly configurable control systems that enable you to oversee all of your financial reporting from a single location.


Disarray Recruitment And Personnel Data Management

The department of human resources is among the most significant in any company because it is in control of everything linked to the hiring of experts who offer the business life.


If this area fails, the whole business could fail due to hiring chaos, disruptions, or the hiring of profiles that do not match the company’s culture.


With ERPNext, recruiting and trying to manage all employee data will be simpler and more convenient, as will monitoring attendance, onboarding, evaluations, and resource training. Payroll processing will be a breeze thanks to the Human Resources module’s customized pay structure.


Poor Customer Service

Customers are at the center of any business. Whether your business is small, medium, or big, you could use a system to assist you in managing existing customers and strengthening relationships with potential clients in order to increase sales.


Computerize the most repetitive tasks with ERPNext’s CRM module so you can concentrate on techniques to transform prospects into clients.


ERPNext for organization, the communication between the sales team and customers also is simplified, as conferences and calls can be timetabled, and emails can even be converted into prospects.


These are the three most prevalent issues that businesses face when an ERP system is not put in place in their procedures.

ERPNext for organization


Want to know how the implementation of ERPNext can be a fantastic way to modernize your business by simplifying routine processes and enhancing the workplace environment in your team? Well, read on!